Welcome to “Back in the Black”

A business group that’s willing to have Congress and the White House look at additional tax revenue as part of a deficit reduction plan? Really?

Well, to be honest, increasing tax revenue should be one part of a bigger effort to reduce the federal deficit, but it tells you everything you need to know about the Committee for Economic Development’s work on the nation’s fiscal health: we don’t dismiss the idea out of hand.

Our often-repeated belief about the deficit is that everything has to be on the table – including federal support for business and all of the most politically sensitive programs for individuals. We don’t think we can be taken seriously if we start by demanding that what we prefer be exempt.

Click the image to view CED's 2011 Annual Report.

That’s just not CED: Not now, not ever.

For 70 years, the Committee for Economic Development has championed sound economic policies that promote growth and improve the quality of life for all. We have never been an organization that sought special treatment for business.

When it comes to the federal budget, CED hasn’t just described the nation’s deteriorating fiscal balance in detail. We have also been the only business organization willing to say frankly what has to be done to restore fiscal health while staying true to our guiding principle of sustained economic growth, equitably shared, for all Americans, present and future.

This blog is the next step in our efforts to educate, inform, challenge, cajole, argue and shake things up a bit. Like CED itself, it will be more “out there” than what most business groups say and do on these issues.

“Back in the Black” will allow CED to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said. Your comments – for and against – will make this even better.

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  1. thebudgetguy said:

    Congratulations. Only question…What took you so long?

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